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I'LL BE HOME FOR MISCHIEF, Christmas Tree Farm Mystery, book 5, by Jacqueline Frost


Innkeeper Holly White is decking the halls this Christmas season, but someone is on the naughty list when a body is discovered in the fifth installment in the Christmas Tree Farm mystery series from bestselling author Jacqueline Frost.

It’s Christmastime in Mistletoe, Maine, and the Historical Society has launched a widespread campaign to celebrate the town’s 150th anniversary. Descendants of the founding family, the Snows, have returned for the first time, and Holly is determined to make the family’s visit magical. In an attempt to put Mistletoe on the map, Holly’s mother, a respected local baker, attempts to break a record by baking the world’s largest gingerbread man, but her plans are whisked away when Mr. Snow’s body ends up in the batter. 

When Mr. Moore, the local mistletoe farmer, is accused of the crime, Holly reprises her role as amateur sleuth to protect the sweet older man. Between hosting the inconsolable Mrs. Snow and other guests at the inn, receiving threatening messages telling her to stop her investigation, and preparing for her first wedding anniversary with Sheriff Evan Gray, she might need a Christmas miracle to survive.

When someone breaks into Holly’s office and scratches a warning into her desk, she knows she has little time left. Can Holly uncover the killer before someone else gets burned, or is her involvement a recipe for trouble?

Available November 12th!

A bookstore owner discovers that life as a recluse isn’t for everyone in this sharp yet sweet novel about how sometimes you need to abandon the quest for love to find your true passion.

Emma Rini is in a rut so deep she could shelve books there. While her sister awaits her first baby, and her parents kick off retirement with vow renewals and travel, Emma stays put among the stacks of the family bookshop.

In fact, she can’t remember the last time she took a vacation. Or had a romance that hovered above disappointing. When her parents assume she’ll take over the shop for them without a break, she realizes she needs to get away―back to the nineteenth century. Channeling her favorite poet recluse, Emily Dickinson, Emma rents a crumbling manor house outside Amherst where she can learn how to be quietly, blissfully alone.

But becoming a world-weary spinster isn’t easy. She can’t start a fire or reason with the bunnies that are destroying the garden. She finds herself sparring constantly with the grumpy-hot architect who is renovating the manor. And then there’s the secret admirer who keeps sending her complicated floral messages…

No matter what she does, the outside world keeps knocking, and Emma starts to dream about the future. Will she forgo love for the family legacy? And will she shrink away or become the sort of bold person fortune favors?

Available January 2025  PREORDER TODAY!


INNOCENT WITNESS,  Beaumont Brothers Justice, book 3

UNDER SIEGE, Beaumont Brothers Justice, book 4

She’ll risk anything to protect a missing boy
Even work with the biggest threat to her guarded heart

When a boy in foster care disappears after witnessing a murder, social worker Hayley Campbell and Detective Finn Beaumont vow to bring him home safely. But as the former lovers grow closer to each other, another child goes missing. Then Hayley herself is kidnapped. Finn must rely on his unparalleled instincts to save the two young victims…and the woman he never stopped loving.


In her time of need
He’s the perfect protection

Josi Roberts’s best friend is missing and teaming up with ranch hand Lincoln Beaumont is the key to bringing her home safe. But when their search is plagued by car chases, drive-by shootings, Molotov cocktails and house fires, staying calm is imperative. So is infiltrating an illegal fighting ring before time runs out. Will their fleeting romance—and very lives—be cut short by those determined to silence them?