Julie Anne Lindsey
Julie Anne Lindsey
Bestselling Author of Commercial Fiction



Burden of Poof by Julie Anne Lindsey

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It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire for Thelma and Louisa in this new farm to fun cozy mystery series!

Polish chicken breeder Louisa Eggers and her beloved hen, Thelma, are enjoying life sunny side up in their earthy cottagecore community of Meadowbrook. Friends and neighbors can’t get enough of Louisa’s special breakfast recipes, and she has high hopes of feathering her nest with income from the budding egg enterprise.

But when a local naysayer, seemingly determined to bring bad press to Louisa’s community, lifestyle, and café is found dead with a belly full of her quiche, and the coroner crows murder, all eyes turn to Louisa for an explanation.

To save their business and reputation, Thelma and Louisa lay a plan to find the killer. Can they crack this case before it’s too late? Or will they find themselves in a heaping helping of trouble?

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