Julie Anne Lindsey
Julie Anne Lindsey
Bestselling Author of Commercial Fiction



Sun, Sand and … Murder?

Downsized from the FBI’s human resources department on the Virginia mainland, Patience Price is setting up shop as a Counselor at Large in her quirky island town. And she’s making the best of her reinvention, until a high school boyfriend is accused of murder, and his determined mama wants Patience to save his hide. 

Local golden boy, Adrian Davis, once crushed Patience’s teenage heart, and now he needed her help? She can’t help offering a chef’s kiss to Karma. 

Not that Patience holds a grudge.

Reluctantly, she agrees to look into the case, with the help of a hunky former coworker, but what she finds will rock their coastal community to its core, and put Patience on a lurking killer’s hitlist.


When one beach closes another case opens for this amateur island investigator 

Life is improving for Patience following her return to Pony Island. She’s making headway as a concierge counselor, to cautious clients, in a town too small for discretion, and she’s even managing to ignore her ex-boyfriend’s shameless charm and flirtation. Mostly. 

But she’s barely recovered from her recent run-in with a killer when body parts begin washing up on the beach, and her parents are named as suspects! 

Now, Patience is diving deep into a personal investigation with the help of Sebastian, her current crush and federal agent. And her pesky ex-boyfriend, Adrian, is never far behind. He’s hoping to crack the case and gain favor in the upcoming mayoral election. 

Can Patience find the answers she needs before the killer finds her? Or will she be the next to wash ashore?


Reality television can be murder…

When a reality show brings chaos to the island, including a slew of fans, pack of ghost hunters, and parade of food trucks, Patience is sure she’ll never sleep again. She’s looking for solace in the fact the food is good and the fall birders are gone, but news of another local murder quickly tarnishes the silver lining. 

Two D-list celebrities are dead at a local B&B, in the room most frequented by her federal agent boyfriend, Sebastian. 

Now Patience is on the case, worried the killer might’ve been gunning for him instead. 

Unfortunately, her suspect list grows nearly as fast as the number of threats against her. Can she find the killer before he calls cut?